Friday, 22 March 2013

1. Introducing me..... Stan the Man!

Hiya folks,

Well, it's me Stan, although a lot of people think I'm Ernie.... nevertheless, I'm Stan and I'm the man!

I was adopted into a family in New Zealand with human people and Barb, my human carer, bless her cotton socks, taught me how to talk and sing!

singing... "There's a Hole in the Bucket"
Stan & Barb singing "There's a Hole in the Bucket"

These pics are from "way back when"....  in New Zealand before I moved to Aussie land.
Me again singing "Rubber Duckie" at a School Concert!
Looks like I'm singing my heart out there, and the kids just loved me.
It was sooooooo cool!
Well, came 2004 and I was off to Aussie to reside in Perth.  I'd met Barb's mate Michael and he kindly accepted me for what I was back then.  He's a dear ole soul too.... and in 2010 had the pleasure of moving up to Newman - way up in the Pilbara, 1200km North East of Perth - how do I know you ask?   Because we drove there and it took forever..... in fact the trip had that many straight roads and the vegetation was a bit of green and lots of red dirt.... and without the ole trusty aircon, it would've been a killer....
Now 2013 is here and I decided that I was well overdue for a lengthy holiday, so it was agreed to take a trip and visit Tassie - it's real name - Tasmania.  You see, Tassie is about in line with the South Island of New Zealand - when you get to flatten out the world map - and methinks that Tassie might be an ideal place to settle in once I get to retirement age.  It seems to have lots of little townships, and roads, and green growth and rain and all sorts of things!
I'd never been to Tassie before and lots of people have said that parts of it are very like New Zealand.  The prices I have found, are cheaper for housing and the temperatures are much lower than in the Pilbara.... you've got all that fresh fruit and vegetables and lots of fish stuff... you know... squid, salmon, um, prawns, er, fish.... hhhmmm you can tell I really like seafood!  At least Michael does, so he can have my share when we get there.   I thought I best ask Michael and Barb to join me....... - seemed the only sensible thing to do....
So my blog is help share with you all about what I experienced on my very first Tassie trip... which was going to be for a whole 19 nights.  Needless to say, I couldn't wait;  I was sooooo excited.... I had so many restless nights making sure I'd  remembered everything.... and more sleepless nights making sure I'd packed everything!  Sunglasses... check, cap.... check.... NZ rugby jumper....check... um, long pants... check.....and green shoes.... double check - oh and some velcro to make sure my shoes didn't fall off my feet.... phone.... oh... and the charger.... yep... that was a mighty long list for me! 

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