Thursday, 28 March 2013

4. Day 1 in Hobart

Having stored our luggage and parked our car at the Lenna of Hobart, I was now officially on Day 1 of my holiday.

It was 12 o'clock and the Salamanca Markets was the obvious choice.  It was like tent city!

All sorts of things were for sale!  And there were heaps of humans trailing up and down the alleys.   Lots of places to have a feed... pancakes, fudge, kebab thingees, icecream, spuds, drinks and heaps more.  There were lots of fresh fruit and vegetables too!

After doing one alley, we took a walk to the Information Centre to grab a Parks Pass so we could go to any National Parks during our holiday.

The roads were quite busy and there were some pretty old buildings.

Then back to the markets to do "the other side" of the alley before heading back to check in at our accommodation.

Well, around 2pm we finally checked in and I gathered my scattered wits.  We were right up on the 4th floor, so I saved lots of energy and took the lift to the 4th floor.   Here I am looking down to the bottom floor!

... and a bit closer up!

And here I am looking out the window, but you can hardly see me!


We had a "mountain side view" room....  and there was a  mountain all right!

It was Mount Wellington!

The next event would take us grocery shopping - seemed like a good idea.....  then a bite to eat for an easy tea from maccas, followed by a trip up Mount Nelson which showed views all around Hobart....

Then off over the bridge to find another shopping centre before it good too dark.... it was good though.... daylight saving meant the sun didn't set until after 8pm!
Back to our accommodation and boy was I pooped!

After a bit of a rest and some tv I had a peeky out the window and what a beaut sight out there!

And so ended Day 1, my first day in Hobart, Tasmania!


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