Sunday, 31 March 2013

7. Day 3: Up-a-daisy in New Norfolk

Well, "up-a-daisy, no time to waste", I kept telling myself... as I sluggishly got out of bed!  Day Three had arrived....

I looked out from the window.... and it was a superb day!

Breakfast was superb at the Explorer's Lodge in New Norfolk.... even got a shot with the ole springbok scarf.... haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I  took a bit of a scout around the front and back of the lodge. 

And finally me peeking out here and there.....

It was time to belt up and do a bit of a looky round town.... popped into Woolworths, then took a ride up round Back River Road.... and checked out the local golf course as well.  Lovely view over New Norfolk district.

It was 10.00am and time to head off towards the West Coast of Tassie.... Day 3: New Norfolk to Zeehan.


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